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Learn to Swim

Level 1

The focus of Level 1 is to build water awareness, confidence and independence through safe water entry and exit, bubble blowing, underwater exploration and independent floating.

Level 2

The focus of Level 2 is correct body positioning for gliding, kicking and arm strokes.

Level 3A

The focus of Level 3A is the introduction to breathing skills for freestyle and developing backstroke skills.

Level 3B

The focus of Level 3B is to build confidence, ability and skill in deep water. Swimmers start in the shallow end and progressively increase the distance as skills develop.

Level 4

The focus of Level 4 is to reinforce body positions for all 3 strokes and complete longer distances.

Level 5

The focus of Level 5 is to increase swim distances working on endurance and stamina. Turn and dive skills are introduced.

Level 6

The focus of Level 6 is to consolidate all skills learnt for body positioning, stroke technique and timing.